Me and mine - mission 08

Daniel Hanson - Unsplash 

Daniel Hanson - Unsplash 

Me and mine, you and yours

This week we are playing with the idea of you and yours, me and mine. What is you? What is yours?

  1. Make a list of everything that comes into the category of ‘me and mine’. Of course, it’s impossible to list everything! But think into all the different areas of ‘you and yours’, your possessions, your body, your family, your memories and so on.
  2. Then go through the list and divide it into three - 
    • It is me.
    • It belongs to me.
    • It is not me and does not belong to me.

As you do this exercise the things will probably keep moving from one list to another, that’s fine, there’s no conclusion to any of this.

We are just playing with the notions of me and mine.


me and mine!


me and mine!

The twofold grasping

The Yogacara speaks in terms of this two fold grasping, first we grasp the grasper, then we grasp the grasped!

So, in each moment, we are both grasping the self and grasping the object, it’s like they are two sides of one coin.

The Yogacara is pointing out that the problem, the cause of suffering, is grasping, that is grasping, craving, wanting, yearning, hankering, hungering… I won’t go on!

Therefore, it seems to make sense that the solution is ‘letting go’ and it’s certainly more helpful to think of awakening as a kind of letting go rather than something to be attained or achieved.

But the metaphor of letting go has its own problems. It can have a nihilistic flavour, perhaps we become a bit too detached, alienated even.

Making everything your own

Maybe a better approach is to conquer up the image of Mamaki. She is a female Buddha, and her name means ‘mine maker’, she makes everything hers.

Rather than letting go, she holds equally to everything, it’s all ‘me and mine’. In effect, this is just the same as letting go, but with a different feeling to it. The feeling of leaning in, of opening the heart. 

Try out these two approaches, the approach of 'letting go' and then of 'making everything your own', see how they effect your perception of the world. You can take yourself on a little walk somewhere, if you want to, take your camera. What do you see when you 'let go'? What do you see when everything is 'you', and 'yours'?