Dream a little dream of me

Rachel Fuller

Reflecting on death

Reflecting on death I’d always get stuck on the bit where I tried to imagine the world carrying on without me. Yes, I am the centre of the universe (and I bet you are too).

It seemed impossible to imagine.

Then I realised I was right. My world carrying on without me is an impossibility. It won’t.

There will no longer exist this world that is created like a mandala pattern around me.

Me-and-my-world is all one thing, when I die my world dies.

The dream analogy 

In Buddhism ‘waking up from a dream’ is the analogy used to describe enlightenment. The name Buddha simply means ‘awake’.

There are some clues in that.

When we wake from a dream, although we can remember it clearly, we know that it wasn’t real. 

It is relatively easy to let go of whatever happened. The 'me' in the dream wasn’t real and the 'mind made' world that was being created disappeared when the dream ended. Now it is just a memory. Soon it will be forgotten into nothingness. 

I created a whole me and my world scenario which I woke up from.

So, maybe, on another level, I’m doing just that, I'm creating this ‘me and my world scenario’. Maybe one day I'll wake up from it.

As the Mind Training teachings remind us, ‘Regard all phenomena as dreams.’