Remember, it's just temporary

Rachel Fuller 

Rachel Fuller 

Everything is impermanent.

I'm supposed to know this. If you do a search of my computer you’ll find 150 word documents under ‘impermanent’, if you change the search to ‘impermanence’ you’ll find 234.

Does that mean that when the coffee runs out or the car doesn’t start I’m not at all surprised? No. When it comes to impermanence there is ‘knowing’ and then there is actually knowing.

I was recently struck by this line in a book – ‘all appearances are temporary’.

Everything that we experience is temporary. As I read it, it seemed true, and there was a sense of relief.

You're possibly thinking, ‘duh, isn’t that what all those documents were about?’

Yes, absolutely, but it’s as if I’d used the word impermanence so many times it had lost its meaning, or had lost its simplicity.

I’d forgotten that it simply meant that everything is temporary, that what I am feeling right now won’t last.

Words matter.

When trying to hand on a teaching to other people it's helpful to use lots of different words for the same thing. Impermanent, temporary, transient, transitory, passing, fleeting, momentary, ephemeral, fading.

Different words will strike different people.

Or better still, write a poem.

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass
— Ezra Pound