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Adjust settings for increased happiness

The whole point of Buddhist teachings is to bring an end to suffering. Or, as Guy Newland puts it, to bring an end to unnecessary suffering. That begs the question 'what suffering is unnecessary?'

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Remember, you must die- mission 03

As a Buddhist part of my practice is to reflect on death. At times death has been quite close. At other times we can go whole days, even whole weeks without thinking of death.
But we must.
Dharma art mission 03 is to make a 'memento mori'

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For one who sees, there is no thing - mission 02

The Buddha says in the Udana - For one who sees, there is no thing. What can this mean? There is seeing, but no 'thing' that is seen? Dharma art mission 02 is to look at our own looking.


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The Stories we tell Ourselves - mission 01

Just noticing that the stories we tell ourselves are stories, and not a concrete reality, has a big effect. 
Dharma art mission 01 is to play with the background music to your life. 

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