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Film making

I spend a lot of time these days choosing words, trying to write ‘blurbs’, about events that have not yet happened, and are not happening now, but will happen in some fictitious future! (but only if I get the blurb written)
I wrote a blurb for a retreat in the UK next year and called it, ‘The Life of Objects’. A retreat exploring our relationship to things and how much they matter. I was asked whether ‘The Life of Objects’ was an appealing title? It sowed a seed of doubt in my mind. 
After canvassing various people, and I have to say coming up with some brilliant alternatives, the consensus was that ‘The Life of Objects’ was the best title. As Trungpa says, ‘First thought, best thought’. 
I’d like to scrap the words and make little films to promote events, here’s the film I wish I’d made for ‘The Life of Objects’: 


I planned a visit to the Frida Kahlo exhibition in London for my birthday, but didn’t think to book in advance, it was sold out. We ended up at the Royal Academy’s Summer Show, me, my girlfriend and our two kids, 14 and 11. If you've not been it's like a massive festival of art, with unknown pieces hanging next to those of famous artists, (Stockholmers – think Vårsalongen x100)

It would be hard not to enjoy it. Having said that we have two boys who tend to ‘suffer’ galleries rather than enjoy them. Not this time. They loved it too. Especially as there was a little guide book with all the prices in. They were running around looking for the most expensive things and thinking maybe it’s not so hard to get rich, after all! 

Thanks to Grayson Perry, and the other curators, it’s going down as the biggest, brightest and most colourful Summer Exhibition yet. Until 19 August. Here’s a virtual gallery tour with Grayson himself.


I’ve watched Hannah Gadsby’s one-woman stand-up comedy show, Nanette, twice in the last 4 days, I’m sure I’ll watch it again, utter genius. It’s so good that I kept wanting to press pause and let what she’s saying sink in.

She clearly understands the power of comedy and works it to full effect. Building tension and relieving it. Making you feel extremely uncomfortable, then giving you a ‘hug’. What are the jokes about? Gender, art history, homosexuality, mental illness, love. It’s more than comedy, it’s a manifesto on how to be human. 
Watch it on Netflix and when you’ve watched it you might want to know more about her so here’s an article / interview from Rolling Stone


A date for your diary 28/29 August
Cullbergbaletten is giving three performances of ‘The Mental States of Sweden’in August, and there’s no ticket price, what a gift!

Here’s what their website says – 
Every year, Cullbergbaletten performs at the out door theatre Parkteatern, and this year is no exception. 28-29 August, the company presents Mattias Anderssons’s The Mental States of Sweden in dance at the stage in Vitabergsparken, Södermalm, Stockholm. After the premiere last autumn, Dagens Nyheter wrote: “The Mental States of Sweden In Dance is about us. Be brave, see it.”

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