Poems from the slot machine – digital detox 3

krissia cruz

krissia cruz

It’s day 21 of my digital detox, see previous posts, and it is feeling like a long and spacious month, if a little lonely.

There is still something missing, how to take a little break, have a treat? In the past, it would have been to go out on the balcony for a cigarette, more recently it would be checking Facebook, Instagram, wondering if there’s going to be something unexpected.

You’ve probably read about the social media ‘slot machine’ analogy? Slots machines are super addictive, they use something called intermittent variable rewards, which apparently are hard to resist. You pull the lever and you either get some enticing reward, or you get nothing at all.

Our smart phones have a lot in common with the pull lever slot machine, even the action, ‘pull to refresh’, mirrors that of the gambling machines. Irresistible.

You can read more at ‘How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds’ on the slot machine effect. 

Mm so how could I replace this kind of treat, a break, that is also a bit of a gamble? Where I get something amazing or, I get nothing much.

This week in the usual places where I lay my phone I put a few books of poetry, they are usually tucked up asleep on the shelves. When I wanted a break, a change of scene, a treat, I just picked up a book and opened it to a random poem.

This morning I got this one, one of my old favourites that I’d forgotten all about. That’s what I call a jackpot.


Sitting in the chair
In the morning ground
Is no sitting in no
chair in no morning ground

No returning, no
No karma, no

“Happiness, abiding
in peace, in seclusion
in the midst of the

abiding nowhere


no abider in his

no realizer in his

“Develop a pure
lucid mind”

Jack Karouac from Pomes All Sizes