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...is a project bringing meditation, and essential Buddhist teachings, into the art world

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Meditation Workshop

The word Buddha means ‘awake’. The Buddha woke up from illusion, or delusion, and understood the true nature of things. It strikes me that art and artists are attempting to do just this. To drop the veil, to bring down the barrier between themselves and the world. 

To help this process I create a meeting between dharma and art.

How do we work together?

All workshops are individually designed for your particular sphere. We’d book an initial meeting and talk over what you do, what you are curious about, where you want help. Then I would put together a workshop or series of workshops for you. 

What themes might we touch on?

Perception - The space of creativity - Letting-go - Learning to ‘get out of the way’ - Stillness - Finding beauty - Quietening the conceptual mind. 

Give me an example... 

Time, Energy and Space - Culberg Ballet at the Modern Museum

Culberg Ballet asked me to design a series of three workshops for dancers. The venue was the Modern Museum so we added in three shorter meditation workshops which would be open to the public. 

As a theme I took a traditional dharma teaching that looks at the dimensions of Time, Energy and Space. We explored these dimensions through, seated meditation, walking meditation and reflecting on dharma teachings. We also took our reflections into the galleries and related the teachings to some of the art works being exhibited. 

The led meditations were recorded and available in a private space on my website, with other materials from the course, so that people could continue to explore the themes after the workshops. 

Dharma meets art at the Moderna Museet: What is art? No way to put it in words. All of us were silent. And the art spoke without words too. What an enriching, touching, enchanting experience
— Gabriel Smeets, artistic director Cullbergbaletten
Rachel led a three day long Dharma Meets Art retreat at Moderna Museet, through the initiative of Cullberg Ballet and LABO Festival.
She is a very good meditation instructor and an excellent teacher in Buddhist philosophy. She has a soft voice, is very present and conducts the retreat in a relaxing and reassuring way.
The connection she makes between the Dharma and art is of course a very valid one, and it has hopefully given our audience an opportunity to experience the art in the Moderna Museet’s collection in a new, deeper way.
— Camilla Carlberg - Head of Learning, Moderna Museet

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