Three realms: Time - Space - Energy

Three doorways to freedom

in the realm of ‘time’ we find the doorway into clarity

in the realm of ‘space’, a doorway into openness

the realm of ‘energy’ opens the doorway into ‘letting go’

Looking deeply into these different realms, time, space and energy, can open doorways in our mind, new ways of experiencing ourselves and our world. Each of these doorways opens a different kind of insight. Each insight has the flavour of it's own kind of freedom. 

dharma meets art - reflecting on the nature of mind 

During the course we'll be reflecting on these essential Buddhist teachings, in and out of meditation. With little assignments each week we'll take the explorations off the cushion and into our everyday lives, into the art and culture around us, looking for clues to the real nature of these realms. 

an online treasure trove 

As part of the course you'll have access to an online treasure trove of materials including audio meditations and reflections so that you can continue to explore the teachings at home, during and after the course. We'll also set up a private facebook group for those that want to chat between sessions. 



week one - Introduction

Setting the scene - Where do these teachings come from? What is insight? What is freedom? In this first week we'll look at where these essential dharma teachings come from and ask how they are relevant to us, here and now.  

week two - Time

It seems intuitively obvious to us that we, ourselves, and everything else, exist within a container of time, past, present and future, that is until we look a little closer. When we loosen and open this dimension of time the clarity of experience is revealed, like lifting a veil and seeing the vividness of life. 

Week three - Space

Sometimes in life we can feel a tremendous sense of pressure, quite naturally we respond with resistance. We don't realise that the resistance is creating the pressure. When we start to turn towards all our experiences, space begins to open up. That space is the source of spontaneity and creativity.  

Week four - ENERGY

We humans, we're so sensitive, so easily hurt. In defence we 'shut down' within ourselves or try to control the world around us. But that sensitivity is the energy of aliveness. How would it be if we were able to let go? To let things be as they are? Nothing to defend or control. Our sensitivity then becomes our connection with all life, the seed of compassion. 

week five - integration

On our last evening together we can look at how to take our realisations out into our everyday lives. What can we put in place in our lives that will support our deepening understanding? 

course structure

Each week there will be led meditation and reflection as well as a chance to discuss the teachings. You will also have some little, playful, take home assignment to work on during the week (we promise it won't feel like homework). There will be the opportunity for one-to-one meditation talks on Skype. 



14 MAY - 11 JUNE   18.45 - 21.00

The course is on 5 Wednesday evenings, starting 14th May and ending on the 11th June. The course starts at 18.45, on the dot! But there is an open house from 18.00 so feel free to eat your own food here, with tea and coffee available. 



Suitable for anyone with some experinece of meditation.

2500 kr (inc. moms) full price
1800 kr (inc. moms) reduced price
Feel free to pay the price that fits your circumstances, no questions asked!