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Pop-up Urban Retreat, on the Water - Everything is Floating - Stockholm

  • Nybrokajen Nybroplan 111 47 Stockholm Sweden (map)
Everything is Floating

Pop-up Urban Retreat

with Urban Retreat Lab

Who’s got time to go on retreat these days? Hopefully you. But maybe it’s also possible to distil the retreat experience into a few hours, without even leaving the city? This is our new mission - pop-up intensive retreats in the midst of the city. To make that mission a bit more audacious we’ll find unique locations for each pop-up, so that we infect the city with our good vibes.

Our last pop-up retreat was at the Library, Stadsbiblioteket, and before that we were on the Tunnelbana, Stockholms underground, overground, metro system.

This time we’re on the water.

Pop-up Urban Retreat 6th April-

Everything is Floating

everything is floating / laurie anderson & kronos quartet / landfall / 2018

The starting point for our inspiration this time comes from the dharma artist Laurie Anderson. Her recent album, made with the Kronos Quartet, is called Landfall and tells the story of Hurricane Sandy.

And after the storm
I went down to the basement
And everything was floating
Lots of my old keyboards
Thirty projectors
Props from old performances
A fiberglass plane motorcycle
Countless papers and books

And I looked at them floating there
In the shiny dark water, dissolving
All the things I had carefully saved
All my life becoming nothing but junk
And I thought how beautiful
How magic and how catastrophic.
— Laurie Anderson

Life itself is the ultimate catastrophe. Mostly we are blissfully unaware that the flood is coming, yet eventually, everything will be washed away. Dharma practice makes it possible to see the magic and beauty that exists alongside the loss and destruction, continually turning towards both.



  1. involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering. - "a catastrophic earthquake"

  2. extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful. - "catastrophic mismanagement of the economy"

  3. involving a sudden and large-scale alteration in state. - "the body undergoes catastrophic collapse towards the state of a black hole"

But there is a double meaning to the word catastrophic.

It also means a sudden and major alteration in the state of something. Awakening, you could say, is catastrophic. A sudden and major change of state. The Yogacarins call this the paravritti, the turning about in the deepest seat of consciousness.

You are welcome to join us in meditating and reflecting on some of these themes.

Pop Up Retreat on the Water

We’ll meet where the ferry leaves on Nybroplan.
Be there by 9.55, as the boat leaves at 10.05. Ulrika and I will be there by 9.45.

On the boat you’ll be given the password to a set of audio recordings and online texts, which will be the basis of our retreat. For the next hour and forty five minutes we’ll be in silence together each listening to the quiet instructions in our ear, a series of led meditations, reflections and questions.

No one will know that we are meditating, it’s happening in public but in ‘secret’, we won’t be sitting cross legged or waving our malas around. We are simply turning our mind towards the dharma.

You’ll need a smart phone, with a full battery and headphones, you may want to bring a notebook and pen, for reflections, or pencils to draw.
Suitable for anyone with some experience of meditation.

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Ulrika and I love money, or we love what money enables us to do. But what we love more is cool dharma arts stuff happening and involving as many people as possible. Feel free to give some money if you want to, but just giving us your presence is priceless!

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