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Urban Retreat Stockholm City

Urban Retreat - Stockholm -2018

3 realms of the city - time, energy, space

The theme of this summer's urban retreat is the three realms of time, space and energy. In each realm there is an opportunity for a unique kind of 'letting go', a particular manifestation of insight. 

In the realm of time we let go of the notions of past, present and future, of beginnings and endings. This insight opens as a perception of clarity and vividness, 

In the realm of energy we let go of the constant push and pull, wanting and not wanting. Bringing a deep sense of trust and 'letting be'. 

In the realm of space we let go of mind made boundaries and divisions, self and other, inner and outer. Their dropping away reveals the spaciousness of awareness, which is the source of all creativity. 

Is the urban retreat for me?

The Core Retreat - The retreat is a meeting between artists and meditators. To participate in the core retreat, you should have a serious dharma practice or art practice. The retreat is over 5 days and you need to be able to commit yourself fully to the retreat for that time, even though some of the time is unstructured. In other words, be able to ‘switch off’ all other activities for 5 days.

Open events - There will be an invitation for anyone to join us various at events during the retreat. These are open to anyone and everyone, of any faith, background, identity and ability. These events are all free of charge.

Public happenings - There will also be aspects of the retreat that happen in public spaces where people who happen to be there are invited to observe and join in.

dates and times

Wednesday 18 – Sunday 22 July

If you are coming from outside of Sweden, you would need to arrive by the 17th and leave on, or after, the 23rd

On the core retreat we’ll practice together for around 5 hours a day, including meditation, teachings, workshops and happenings. Each day you will be free in the morning or evening, and can structure that time yourself, either alone or with others. The hours will vary, sometimes practicing together at night, sometimes in the early mornings.

Where will it happen?

We have a meditation space in the city where we will all meet, but we are also taking the retreat out into the public spaces of the city, and various art spaces.

The city of Stockholm is our coulisse. On a stage, the coulisse are the wings, pieces of scenery at the side of a stage. We are inviting you to take a look behind the coulisse, behind the scenes of the city, into the secret game behind the visible one.

What if I am coming from outside Stockholm?

This is a non-residential retreat, so if you are coming from outside the city you can choose where you’d like to stay, a hotel, Airbnb etc. Most Stockholmers leave the city in the summer so there is a good chance that we could help you to find somewhere to stay maybe renting someone’s apartment for a small amount of money. The more notice we have the more likely we can find you somewhere, so let us know as soon as you decide to book. 


The Urban Retreat consists of 5 days of workshops and costs:

2900 kr (approx 290€)

We can offer a discount of 700 kr for those of you on a low wage. 

FAQ (frequently asked question!) 

Q    Do I have to dance / be a dancer?
A    No, no, no, no, no...(but it's okay if you are!) this is choreography in the widest sense of the word. 

Later Event: 21 July
An Urban Retreat Happening