Meditation for Artists

An introduction to meditation created especially for artists

Christian Newman   

Christian Newman


Probably for the first time ever, a meditation course specifically for painters, photographers, dancers, writers, musicians and uncategorisable creative people everywhere!

The way I see it, meditators and artists are often on a similar mission. The mission to get close to reality. The mission to have an experience that is, somehow, ‘truer’. The artist takes it a step further in wanting to communicate that experience. 

The meditations taught on this course are from the Buddhist tradition, but you don't have to be a Buddhist to find these teachings helpful, they are very much concerned with universal truths. 

open to all


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Doorways to Freedom


THREE REALMS: TIME - SPACE - Energy, three doorways to freedom

In the realm of ‘time’ we find the doorway into clarity

In the realm of ‘space’, a doorway into openness

The realm of ‘energy’ opens the doorway into ‘letting go’

Looking deeply into these different realms, time, space and the sensitivity of being human, can open doorways in our mind, new ways of experiencing ourselves and our world. Each of these doorways opens a different kind of insight. Each insight has the flavour of it's own kind of freedom. 

suitable for anyone with some experience of meditation


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The Life of Objects


The Life of Objects (image - Anton Novoselov)

The Life of Objects (image - Anton Novoselov)

When we realise how much the world we live in is ‘mind-made’ we also discover that we can choose the kind of a world we want to live in. The Zen priest Ed Brown and the 18th century Zen Poet Ryokan both live in a world of animated objects, of encouraging teapots and sad lonely begging bowls.

On this course we check out some Buddhist teachings on the nature of perception, considering what it is that makes one thing an object and something else, us, a subject. Is the whole notion of ‘a me in here’ and ‘a world out there’ really the way it is? 

Open to all


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