Urban Retreat


Stockholm 2018
3 realms of the city - time, energy, space

- brought to you by Urban Retreat Lab

The core retreat

This takes place over 5 days and is open to people with a meditation practice or art practice. We want to explore what happens at the intersection of meditation and art. All the teachings and practices come from the Buddhist tradition, but you don't have to be Buddhist to find them valuable, they mostly point to universal truths. 

Open workshops

As part of the retreat we are also offering open meditation workshops each day, everyone is invited to come along to these. 

Dharma Art Happening
21 July 18.00-20.00

We invite you to a 'happening' at the intersection of choreography, art and dharma. 

SITTING - a performance with Ulrika Wedin and drummer Andreas Axelsson
Dharma Talk with Rachel Fuller aka Vajradarshini
Invited guests and a presentation of our project Urban Retreat Lab

You'll find us in the big studio at Danscentrum and entrance is free

Urban Retreat Lab

This retreat is part of a project called Urban Retreat Lab, a collaboration with Ulrika Wedin. You can read more about that here

Open meditation workshops 

During the retreat we are offering 5 open meditation workshops. You are welcome to come along to all or any of them.

Wednesday 18 July
Body awareness in meditation - understanding the relationship of body and mind. 

Thursday 19 July
Walking meditation workshop - dynamic meditation in action. 

Friday 20 July
Letting go in meditation - learning to let go in the body and mind. 

Saturday 21 July
Meditation and creativity - opening the space that creativity comes from. 

Sunday 22 July
Compassion meditation - becoming tender hearted. 

Venue: Danscentrum
Time: 13.30 - 15.00
Cost: By donation (suggested 100-200 kr)

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Core retreat

If you join the core retreat you will attend all of the workshops above plus extra sessions each day where we take the practice out into the city.

We will be practicing together for 5 hours each day. Some of that time will be in our meditation venue and at other times we'll be out discovering different parts of the Stockholm. There will be teachings, reflections, workshops and other happenings.

Each day there is free time, either in the morning or afternoon, to do your own thing. 

Wednesday 10.00 - 13.00 - The city as our body

We can imagine the city as a human body, with arteries and veins through which people and traffic stream. On this first day we take the practice of body awareness out onto the streets to experience the flow of life.
(free time from 15.00)

Thursday 15.00 - 19.00  - The realm of time

We take the practice of walking meditation out into the city to explore notions of past, present and future. Is time anything more than an idea? Using silent walking to quieten the mind we allow the beauty of the city show itself. 
(free time before 13.30)

Friday 10.00 - 13.00 - The realm of energy

Most of our energy is caught up in 'wanting' and 'not wanting'. When we learn to let-go we free up that energy and at the same time find that it is possible to be still. In this workshop we'll take you to the places in the city where we find real peace. 
(free time from 15.00)

Saturday 15.00 - 19.00 - The realm of space

All things in the world are arranged as patterns in space. From the veins on a leaf, to the streets in your neighbourhood. Pattern is a transmitter of beauty and on this day we'll be visiting places that reveal this truth. 
(free time before 13.30)

Sunday 10.00 - 13.00 - The love bomb

There is nearly a million people living in Stockholm. On our last day together, as a gift to ourselves and to the world, we'll drop a love bomb. Secretly silently we'll spread the love and compassion out into the city. 
(free time from 15.00)

Is this retreat for you? - The retreat is a meeting between artists and meditators. To participate in the core retreat, you should have a meditation practice or art practice. The retreat is over 5 days and you need to be able to commit yourself fully to the retreat for that time, even though some of the time is unstructured. In other words, be able to ‘switch off’ all other activities for 5 days.


Wednesday 18 – Sunday 22 July

If you are coming from outside of Stockholm, you would need to arrive by the 17th and leave after 16.00 the 22nd.


We have a meditation space in the city where we will all meet, but we are also taking the retreat out into the public spaces of the city, and various art spaces.

What if I am coming from outside Stockholm?


This is a non-residential retreat, so if you are coming from outside the city you can choose where you’d like to stay, a hotel, Airbnb etc. Most Stockholmers leave the city in the summer so we might be able to help you find somewhere to stay, maybe renting someone’s apartment for a small amount of money. The more notice we have the more likely we can find you somewhere, so let us know as soon as you decide to book. 


The Urban Retreat consists of 5 days of workshops and costs:

1500 kr (approx 150 €) low wage
2500 kr (approx 250 €) full price

Feel free to choose the price that best suits your circumstances. 


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