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...helping the artist in you find beauty and meaning in unexpected places. 


Dharma meets Art

It's what buddhism is, but in a creative package

Everything at Red Ladder Studio is rooted in meditation and the teachings of Buddhism. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to get something from those teachings, loads of people are using mindfulness not knowing it’s 'buddhist'. And, you know, there’s more great stuff where mindfulness came from. 

Red Ladder Studio mixes up art and Buddhist teachings, finding new ways of seeing and experiencing ourselves and our world. 

Ditch the utilitarian approach to life

You've seen all those blogs and podcasts telling you how to make the most of your time, ‘dominate your day before breakfast.’ Well yeah, but for what? Just so you can ‘get more done’? Okay so I guess it’s fine to be efficient with the boring stuff, but what are you going to fill that rescued time with? 

You could fill it with Red Ladder Studio stuff. 
We’re dedicated to uselessness. 


take a holiday from being sensible...

... here's what Lisa had to say about a recent event: “What I really appreciated about bringing art and dharma together was that the art and creativity helped me to “get out of my way”.

That means that getting utterly interested, and even a bit carried away, in the creative process let me, just for a while, step away from my usual ideas about myself and the world.

The creative process tilts my perspective a bit, just enough for a playful mode to arise with spontaneous questions like “maybe things aren’t necessarily the way I think about they are


Start making crazy stuff without fear of failure.

Our meditation doesn't stay on the cushion. We’re taking the exploration out into the world. Listening, making, watching, tasting, recording and communicating. 
It’s a studio and a laboratory, testing new ways to view life. Evoking your curiosity and playfulness. Looking for meaning. Finding beauty.







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Don’t worry, please please.
How many times do I have to say it?
There is no way for you not to be who you are or where.
— Ikkyu in Japan 15th cen

Who is red ladder studio? 

Hi, I'm Rachel, also known by my Buddhist name Vajradarshini. I started Red Ladder Studio as a way to focus on the connection between art and dharma, between meditation and creativity. Dharma is what we call the Buddhist teachings and could be applied to any teaching that leads to freedom.

I started practicing Buddhism in 1988 and since 1997 I’ve been teaching and leading retreats. In all that time the aspect of practice that I loved the most was bringing the Buddhist teachings together with art. Something would happen, the art illuminated the dharma and the dharma illuminated the art.

There are so many connections between the two and the process of practicing them both could be said to be the same thing. As Stephen Batchelor says, “Art and dharma are both ways of coming to terms with our own suffering.” Not only that, they are both ways of revealing the beauty of life.

Red Ladder Studio is a space in which I can explore these connections with others, with you.

 Rachel Fuller aka Vajradarshini 

Rachel Fuller aka Vajradarshini 

Love is the extremely difficult realisation that something other than oneself is real.
— Iris Murdoch